Things I’ll Never Forget: A Call For Your’s Too

This title and category are self explanatory.  It is my hope that you read and enjoy these posts so much that you want to Comment, to contribute things YOU’ll never forget, creating a community of people sharing the most memorable moments of their lives.  Whether they be miniscule or monumental, as long as you’ll never forget…

7 thoughts on “Things I’ll Never Forget: A Call For Your’s Too

  1. I have spent many years working in very busy and high acuity ER’s, Trauma Centers meeting people from all walks of life in every situation you can imagine that would land them in the ER. The most memorable patient I ever cared for was this extremely frail elderly woman who was definitely not doing well, brought in by ambulance from a rest home. She was the kind of woman that in her youth was a beauty. As her condition deteriorated, she touched my arm and said, “My dear, I don’t want to die without my lipstick on”. I am notorious for always wearing bright red lipstick. I looked at her and asked if she liked red, to which replied she loved red. I told her I had my tube of red lipstick in my pocket and she was welcome to use it. The lady was delighted but noted she was too weak to apply it so I did a perfect application of the lipstick for her and used a compact mirror to show her. She smiled and said, “Thank You, I am ready now”. Within 5 minutes she had a lethal run of ventricular tachycardia and was unable to be resuscitated. I only had 30 minutes to share in the life of that lovely woman, but it made me happy to think she died with lipstick on. I still have the tube, saved it in a plastic bag to look at from time to time and ponder life.


  2. That is so funny and I could definitely be that woman and would hope I would meet up with a person as understanding and caring as Dixie. I put lipstick on to take the garbage down to the basement in our apt. house, hardly the same but ……….and bright red!!!!


    • Lipstick is the zest of life!! On the job I have always tried to care for people the way I would like to be cared for and give them the dignity they deserve. That lady was a special woman. I wish I could have known more about her life.


      • Well, She was very fortunate to have had you taking care of her at the end of her life. You were so loving and respectful . You are a very special woman as well.


  3. I received this by email from a friend, Saundra Friedman

    One day I was shopping in NYC and ended up at Bloomingdales. I was having an awful day actually, everyone was terribly rude. There was a great deal of hustle and bustle and nobody paying any attention to anybody else including the sales people. I was bemoaning the fact that nobody was very nice any more and feeling sorry for myself. I had set out to do a number of errands and was feeling very frustrated and upset that nobody gave a hoot about their jobs or serving people any more. Still, I was parcel laden and that was making me grumpy as well so I decided to leave and go home. On the way out I made one more stop at a muffin stand and purchased 6 beautiful blueberry muffins for my family. The door slammed into me as I walked out , both hands full of packages, and I swore at myself for buying so much and being so uncomfortable and put upon. I started to walk and ended up at 67th. street or so I can’t remember exactly….. I just remember the grey stoop against a brick red building and sitting there laughing it up were three homeless men with a couple of empty bottles of wine and one that they were sharing, having a wonderful time indeed. I needed desperately to get rid of some of my packages and suddenly I stopped and said how would you gentlemen like some beautiful fresh Blueberry muffins? While they smiled a few toothless smiles , bowed and took off their hats, I dropped my packages, opened up the box of gorgeous muffins and offered them to my new friends. They asked if I would join them on the stoop for a drink . I was so delighted with their invitation including me in such a sweet way. I left with my faith in human nature restored , happy once again having been spoken to as if I mattered and having shared my good fortune with these adorable people. As I waited for a cab I marveled at my experience and knew I would never forget those three sitting on that stoop having such a carefree time and welcoming me with such open arms. It was a gift.

    CONTRIBUTED BY: SAUNDRA FRIEDMAN, one of the most generous people I know.


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