Messages From the Earth

  When upstate in the mist at a house called The Ledge

IMG_3817        I make the rounds through the magnificent and miniscule



 Always searching for new ways of seeing


   And softness on which to rest my mind,


Maps from those who have gone before me,


  Until I reach the walkway where thousands of feet have tread  the last  hundred years,



Into the home of my beloved friends who have generously made theirs, mine.

4 thoughts on “Messages From the Earth

  1. Stephanie is such a beautiful writer and talent! I enjoy seeing the inspiring pictures and reading the inspiring words.


  2. Being a die hard and heat seeking desert rat, the sight of the white stuff does send a chill up my spine. This is such a gorgeous place, it looks like one where the chill in the air would be welcomed in such a fabulous setting. It is a lovely place where the warmth of the charming setting shared with beloved friends makes it completely fabulous.


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