Winter Gardens, 2013, New York

The urge to grow things is an urge to create.


Tenth Street Planter

IMG_3941                                                    The ghost of a tree going to church

IMG_3944                                                     In the metrolpolis, the tree grates

IMG_3951                                              And fences are part of the integral design.


Even a row of stacked chairs are a garden’s delight.

IMG_3583                               And so is Ron Canal’s kitchen window cactus extravaganza.

10 thoughts on “Winter Gardens, 2013, New York

  1. The first time I looked at the lawn chairs I “read” them as the bright green shoots of new grass – what a wonderful effect you’ve captured! Just beautiful.


  2. All these photos are so lovely! The stacked garden chairs are wonderful. And I remember Ron’s cactus filled kitchen window fondly 🙂


  3. I didn’t know where to put my comment, because every single category and posting is exquisite. So now I know you are a photographer, too. Maybe artist would be a broader category that would be more appropriate….. Elegant, Stephanie, pictures, words, and emotions all.


  4. I am a huge fan of what I fondly call the “Urban Hike”. There are amazing sights to behold in all locales and settings. I love these photos.


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