The Tattooed Cerebellum


Last Spring, Ron Canal

Ron is one of my closest friends, the center of a core group of friends that have been closely involved for a long time, through all kinds of fun and terrible events.  We hadn’t spoken for a few weeks and I called him today.

“Remember me?” I said.

“How could I forget?”  Ron asked.

“Not if I can help it.”

“Are you kidding?  You’re tatooed on my cerebellum.”

“How do you know about the cerebellum,” I asked.

“I know some stuff.”

“I know it from doing energy work,” I said, “what’s your excuse?”  FYI, the cerebellum is about motor skills mainly, and the fear and pleasure response: not memory.

“I learned some stuff in Texas,” he said, referring to his homestate.  “People in Texas have cerebellums.”

“Oh, I didn’t know.”  I said.  To all my Texan friends, that I didn’t mean but thought it was funny.

Stay tuned for more from Ron Canal and his relationship to shoes.  But only after I get the nerve to go through a history of photos that involve him.

14 thoughts on “The Tattooed Cerebellum

  1. The little brain aka the cerebellum is what integrates and fine tunes our motor ability to be able to get around with good posture, a steady gait with some degree of grace and precision. Many people in this world appear to be working off their brainstems with minimal actual delving into intellectual processes. However, from my experience with several Texans I have encountered, it’s best to agree, smile knowingly and then waste no time to get the hell out of there with the grace and precision the cerebellum has given you.


    • Thanks for that anatomy lesson. About Texans, some of my favorite people on earth happen to be from there, or are there right now. And I like visiting Texas a lot. It gives me a wild feeling in my heart.


    • Dixie, most people would say I’mma brainstem kinda guy. YEEEE-HAAAAWWW!!! Crap, there goes that damn outta control medulla oblongata again. Gotta have that looked at.


      • Dixie: now you know Ron. If I were you I would avoid his medula oblongata like thee plague. And Ron, how do you know about that thing? Have you been sbeaking into Wikipedia again? I told you not to do that.


      • Being in constant self control is highly over rated. One must throw caution to the wind and party on with wild abandonment on a regular basis. The Nuge has lived in Waco,TX long enough to qualify as a Texan as well.


      • Another plus about having a fully functional medulla oblongata, aka a major component of the brain stem, is when one does party like a rock star and have a memorable out of control time those little things like remaining oxygenated and electrical signals to your heart kick in automatically. Life is beautiful!


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