A World Of Color


This dragging, colorless winter, coupled with months of certification studies in Esoteric Healing have left me panting at the vibrancy of Spring.


While studying in a waiting car, brushstrokes of pink sing seductive songs of whimsy.


Flirting April trees dance on a soft stage of green, all moving toward a grand finale.


Buttercups burst through the fleshy refuse of the Magnolia, a melange that stopped me in my tracks.

IMG_4472Posing for Constance McCloy in Okemos, Michigan, where we received our certifications in Esoteric healing.  Hallelujuh, the winter is officially over, even though there’s still a chill in the air.

5 thoughts on “A World Of Color

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement gaining your certification. You look amazing, definitely basking in the glow of reaching a new level of one’s educational process and the power of enhancing the journey of life for yourself and others. Color always rocks my world, now you can bask in the glory of the brightness Mother Nature graces us with as spring unfolds in your part of the world. It’s such a beautiful gift there for anyone to lift their spirits.


  2. Hallelujuh!!!! For so many reasons!
    Super congrats Stephanie. Another feather in your lovely cap.
    We know it is spring in the hills here for a pack of Coyotes have moved in among the back trees and made a den for their pups! They are hunting out kitty cats and the neighborhood is in a tizzy.
    More excitement!
    Here’s to the Colors of Spring and the Opening of the Heart xo


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