Cozmo is Concerned

W.C.Coz copy

My Dear Readers:  Coz’s concern is because he thinks he’s W. C Fields.  Mine has to do with Facebook.  If you rely on them to connect to my posts, you may have missed the last seven because they didn’t go up on that site.   I tried disconnecting and reconnecting and now it’s working, so feel free to read backwards from here to May 1st which is the last one facebook announced.  That one was called Time After Time, but there are some good ones in between. and thanks to all of you, my reasons for doing this.

5 thoughts on “Cozmo is Concerned

  1. I love your posts so much. I don’t rely on Facebook for updates on the new posts, it comes directly to my email. I always relish what you write. Thanks so much Stephanie. I love Cozmo, what a face!!!


    • I don’t remember your Cosmo, Marvin but he sounds memorable. Coz is my dad’s and his girlfriend’ beloved companion and he makes the funniest faces I have ever seen. They have animals that all have a Z in the name and Coz is my favorite creature of all. Someday I wil ldo a full post on him because he’s got some history. Thanks for reading these posts!


  2. Do you remember my cat named Cosmo? He lost an eye and a leg to the woods critters, fell out of a moving Land Rover and was missing for almost three months. Everyone else called him Lucky.


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