Ode to Whispering Towers

From one extreme to another, boys quietly discussing fishing in my last post, to towers whispering from above near Bryant Park, both scenes causing pause.


Concrete, steel, glass, silence,


Grand matriarchs holding their own,


Dreamers dancing to conquer the impossible.


If one looks closely, there is grace abounding in human beings creating a world of commerce, art, and everything in between.  All on one small island: heaven, that can be hell, millions of miracles every moment in this city that somehow works as a whole.

 After twenty eight years, I still love it like a child in the stage of discovery and wonder.










7 thoughts on “Ode to Whispering Towers

  1. I love the amazing towers of New York City, such a place of amazing daily miracles. We as human beings have been given the gift of creation and appreciation, it is my fondest hope that all humans will embrace the good and beautiful.

  2. I just love the building most prominent in the frame with the Empire State bldg. it appears to be an apartment bldg and I fantasize who lives in the penthouse with all that great architecture surrounding them. I fantasize rooftop outdoor living spaces …….. and I wonder if the occupants are grateful or if they take it all for granted. I also loved the boys fishing post, too, Steph!

    • Sally: That’s the radiator building that you love, and I think it’s an office building but don’t actually know. It’s on 40th street, facing Bryant Park. My small building has the most lovely rooftop space with table and chairs. dinner parties up there are absolute magic. If you come to NY, you will have to see it.

  3. What a an amazing tribute to NYC these latest odes would make. I feel a book with your beautiful images and poetry is just begging to be published. I for one would purchase that. The perfect coffee table/tourist memory/NYC lovers keepsake.

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