Approaching the Queen

Humbled again, still in love, the crown appears in the sky


Her Royal Highness granting wishes to her subjects


I wished for a sliver of silver and there it was on 40th street, hiding in the canyon.


Then I peeked into an enclave and discovered a glass abode in the midst of old bricks.  The colors reminded me of another place I love: Mexico, right in the middle of Manhattan.


This is my week of reconnecting to the city after a lull of brewing at home, failing to remember the beauty of New York.  What a wonderful town.

2 thoughts on “Approaching the Queen

  1. I think you are so fortunate to live in the midst of such glorious architectural wonders. New York City has got to be a hub of activity that inspires since so much creative genius comes from there. I love the photos, what an amazing cityscape it is!


  2. Loving your latest posts Stephanie. The poet in you is truly special. I initially read this one on my BlackBerry and so couldn’t see the images. My imagination ran wild wondering what visuals were driving your poetic words. Now I see the images, and it all works so perfectly I can’t remember what I originally imagined. Much Love.


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