The Last Hurrah


Today’s stroll spoke of endings in closed cafes and quiet streets,


Of vacation being officially over.


Farewell to sun and summer,


And sitting on the plaza.


With pending doom from the Flatiron Building in an ominous sky,


I reached for pink in mounds of mum,


The color of the last hurrah.

IMG_5681Goodbye sweet summer.

‘It’s been real,’ as my mother would say.  In some cases, to real to bear.


Approaching fall a tad worse for wear, life goes on and I’m going with it.

13 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah

  1. I often forget how the passage of the seasons are in most regions as opposed to what seems to be my eternal summer here in the Sonoran Desert. I found the last photo particularly poignant. I, too, am along for the ride whatever it may be bring and will be seeking the positive side of it all.


  2. I always like the idea of winter whites. White jeans and a white turtleneck? Or does it have to be white wool pants? I don’t even know. But I wore a long white linen shirt today, probably until next summer…


  3. Love this blog, I just re-read it today on Sept 11th, 2013, and it seems very fitting. We are sad, but willing to go forward no matter what. Thanks for taking the time to dig deep into yourself and find inspiration for us all.


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