In the midst of it all, there must be some amusement, and where else but to find it than the streets of New York.

With all its personality and foibles,


is represented, even on a day when the doors are locked.


The key to living here is to keep your eyes open for the vital expressions of creative individuality. They’re everywhere.


We have bearded ladies,


Horizontal Mohawks,


The South of France on a West Village street,


Smiling sharks in Grand Central,


Noodles and wedding dresses to be had in one stop,


A  proscenium storefront psychic with a menu of services on a music stand,


And a unique relationship to space.


       New Yorkers, as tender tendrils of humanity, reach for the stars.

And behind every closed door, mystery and beauty exist in lives lived to the fullest, sometimes to the loneliest degrees.  When it gets too tight inside, one only has to walk on the street and open their eyes to find a reason to smile, even on the twelfth anniversary of September 11th.

7 thoughts on “Amusement

  1. What a beautiful post, Stephanie! You have such a wonderful eye, as well as a way with words… can’t decide if I enjoy your photos or the captions more 🙂


    • Thanks, Anna. I love taking photos, always have, and now they are actually illustrating thoughts. Am in an essay class to that’s where my in depth writing is going these days, as the blog is immediate writing. But I am really glad blogs exist because there are some really good ones, like your thoughtful posts, and it’s so much fun to do.


  2. A wonderful post, Stephanie!. I enjoyed reading this one so much. The photographs are beautiful. You have a fantastic imagination and make me see the world anew. And love New York too.


    • Thank you so much, everyone. I tried for something a little lighter although it was a somber day, 9/11, and a time of emotional waves at my apartment. But NY has so much character and everywhere I look it’s been amusing lately. Am going to keep that Amusement theme going when I find other appro[riate sites for the category.


  3. I love that in the midst of a horrible national tragedy’s anniversary you have gone forth with positive spirit and found the beauty of New York City, in my opinion an amazing place and incredibly valuable city for this nation’s history, productivity and joy. Thanks for the amazing photos and as always the beautiful message.


  4. One of the best short pieces I have ever read on what it means to be a New Yorker. There is beauty and despair here, and you bring some glorious details to us on this significant day to remind us why we are here, why we stayed past 9/11/01 or why we came here after that event. Thank you.


  5. so wonderful to meet you last night and this is a refuge of a site…just gorgeous images and perusing your posts is like taking a wonderful brisk walk through the back yard of this amazing city. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again. Elizabeth


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