Lying Down With Strangers


Gazers at the Guggenheim exhibit of James Terrell’s “Aten Reign”


He plays with light and space, in this case, saturation in a transformed museum.


The Rotunda turns in planetary discs,


Dipping suns,


The gloaming.


Concave meditations on femininity one minute,


Convex shells the next.


Every color had a distinct effect, and this one made me vibrate.  Not my favorite, nor the most comfortable of them all, but it felt like therapeutic, green being the color associated with the heart.  Go experience which one gets you.  It’s well worth the lines and crowds. They are  part of  the beauty.  The feeling is one of  you, the others, and the universe as one.

7 thoughts on “Lying Down With Strangers

  1. That looks like a very intriguing show. I would love to see the interchange of color and be immersed in the beauty of this show. You are so fortunate to live in NYC, truly the greatest city in our country for the arts!


  2. Color has always had an emotional impact on people and me, hence why psychologists have done research with their patients related to colors that soothe, colors that excite and colors that agitate. The wrong colors can make me physically ill in certain spaces. The Green looked very soothing to me. What an interesting experience. Thanks for sharing it, Stephanie. One of the many wild things I miss about NYC is art happenings in the Guggenheim and other museums there. 🙂 Love from one of your SW MO fans…db.


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