Amusements: The Sequel

It’s a


Not to be observant


When in a sea of humanity.  One might unknowingly miss


On the corner of Waverly and 7th Avenue.


A two-bodied beast locked in unity,


The mysterious case of the missing workmen,


The end of denim jeans,


A worn-out  speed demon,


A royal prince.


And the kitty crown on a leash, window shopping at the jewelry store.

Keep your eyes open, your heart too, and witness the wonders before you.  That’s what I do every time I walk out the door on this tiny island.  You can see how it’s paid off: with more amusements, and many more to come.

7 thoughts on “Amusements: The Sequel

  1. Love this post Steph. You are so right. If we all just slow down a little and actually pay attention to the moment, and look around us, it’s amazing what one might see that you never noticed before. I always like to look up, as there are often all sorts of wonderful sights to behold. Be it architecture, a shop display and decoration or simply a gorgeous moon, often overlooked. Thanks for sharing. X

    • Thanks, you fellow (transplanted) New Yorker. Some people look up, some look eye level, and some look down. I might be an eye level person but every once in a while the higher regions grab me. This post is mostly eye level stuff though.

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