The Long Shadows

There is a sweet sadness at this time of year,


Fractured signs of it everywhere.


Illustrating that fall gets woven from threads of late summer,


A time of covered legs and long shadows,


A footprint of summer passing by.


Cooler nights, shorter days, feathery gold and crisp blue,


Ominous big bird skies.

We, the creatures, prepare to hunker down.  But first, like most New Yorker’s, I’m very busy in the Fall, like going back to school with great enthusiasm, goals of many to be accomplished.                                                                          As we wind toward the reality of darkness and the cold, I gravitate to the shelter of lovers of life, men and women for all seasons, good books in front of fireplaces, delicious theater, heavier food and cashmere clothing, the tools that say to Old Man Winter, ‘Bring it on, it’s all good to me.  I’m just grateful to be here.’

3 thoughts on “The Long Shadows

  1. Cashmere sweaters are the best reason ever to bring on the cold. My seasons here in the Sonoran Desert are the opposite of yours, the winter is mild and gorgeous with many hours spent outside whereas the wall of heat in summer has us doing just the opposite, seeking the inside to for a cool respite with good books, projects, etc. I concur, “Bring it on and love it all”, I love all the seasons and what they bring.


  2. Hunkering down, so well captured Stephanie…all the crisp heartbreaking beauty of the fall.
    We are definitely in the back to school enthusiasm, polished shoes and getting the wild summer hair
    out of the faces, books stacked, notebooks labeled, lunch containers organized with healthy snacks and yummy lunches, shoes tied, homework checked and end of a school day busting out with a skip, wrinkled smudged shirts, mis-laid vests and forgotten papers but o boy, what ideas my friends and i have, you will never believe what we did on the playground…bundles of fall energy, bursting from the tall trees that keep guard on the campuses.


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