October Blush


Where the sun in clouds meets the moon in sky,


And mix once more in water,,


As the broomstick of Wicked Winter winds down the hours,


  I navigate the awe of Fall.   And oh what a ride it is.


Pondering the speed of seasons, Mother Earth blushes.


                         Time ticks away like an old fashioned double bell alarm clock.  I think,                                            Whew!  Hang on and Tick Tock!’

Before you know it, before you imagine it will happen to you, it will most assuredly be.            And nothing is a better reminder of the fleet of life than the colorful days of autumn.


6 thoughts on “October Blush

  1. Love love love this poem Stephanie. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I feel it should be one of those wonderful poems you see in subway cars. So beautiful. Love Fiona

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  2. As October leaves us, and I have had the privelege of reading all three of your October posts, I can safely say that while I loved them all, this is my favorite. It gives fall as much promise as spring. 🌀💙

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