October Blush


Where the sun in clouds meets the moon in sky,


And mix once more in water,,


As the broomstick of Wicked Winter winds down the hours,


  I navigate the awe of Fall.   And oh what a ride it is.


Pondering the speed of seasons, Mother Earth blushes.


                         Time ticks away like an old fashioned double bell alarm clock.  I think,                                            Whew!  Hang on and Tick Tock!’

Before you know it, before you imagine it will happen to you, it will most assuredly be.            And nothing is a better reminder of the fleet of life than the colorful days of autumn.


6 thoughts on “October Blush

  1. Love love love this poem Stephanie. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I feel it should be one of those wonderful poems you see in subway cars. So beautiful. Love Fiona

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  2. The fabulous pink blush of fall is amazing and you are more fabulous than ever as time tick tocks onwards into our ever changing world.


  3. As October leaves us, and I have had the privelege of reading all three of your October posts, I can safely say that while I loved them all, this is my favorite. It gives fall as much promise as spring. 🌀💙


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