A Day of Tripled Importance

Not only is it a glorious day of fall


As well as Day of the Dead celebrating those who left before us.


It’s the titan in my life’s birthday: Ron Canal.


Over years of shoes on Ron’s feet,


In locales all over the world,


I have photographed them in action, in pose, in passing,


Always in the back of my mind his burial instructions.


When the crushing day comes, for Ron is loved fiercely by many, including me, he says he wants an open casket.  But not open at the head: it’s to be open at the feet where he intends to sport a pair of clown shoes.

   I can only hope I don’t live to see this, that I might humbly go before him, hopefully with language as my legacy.  Language and laughs, which is much of what has kept Ron and I bound for all these many years.                                                                                                                                                                                Ron, may your feet and the rest of you be healthy for many years to come, your life be spent feeling loved, and may your birthday be all you imagined.  Even better than your planned last laugh from the other side.

3 thoughts on “A Day of Tripled Importance

  1. How wonderful!
    Feet First…(so goes the saying that my parents used as an argument not to leave their 8 bedroom house many many years after all 10 children flew away)
    Happy Birthday Ron with sparks and bubbles and some deep fall colors.
    Love your array of footwear!
    What a lovely celebration of Ron, Stephanie. True friendship.


  2. I think an open foot casket would be the best thing ever, however a beloved friend like your dear Ron should be here for years to come so the glory of sharing life with a compadre of spirit can result in many more awesome foot photos in exotic locales!


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