One Post, All Cliche’s


The past couple of weeks have been gnarly.


It’s been hard to see the forest for the trees.


I’ve been spinning my wheels,


A mere shadow, blown way out of proportion.

Thanksgiving came and went.  I kept reading other blogger’s posts about what they were thankful for and didn’t want to do the same thing.  Plus, I was having technical issues that my dear friend Jason Miers graciously supported me through (this piece will be another test) and I felt only capable of going through the motions of thankfulness.  But I was not really really feeling it.  And then I remembered (once again) that gratitude is what makes the difference between a happy and an unhappy life.   My list of blessings is long and full of sweet cliché’s.  However, I will name one gratitude way out loud:  I am really thankful for my readers as I muddle through these musings in Wild nature, trying to capture and connect through what it means to be a human being.  I sincerely thank you all.

12 thoughts on “One Post, All Cliche’s

  1. And I thank you Stephanie for offering us all your wonderful, beautiful photographs and poetic words. You enrich my life. love, Amy


  2. Thankfulness and the spirit of Thanksgiving revolve around the simple act of looking at our lives and giving tribute to what is simple, what is real, what is beautiful, what gives us joy. Wild Nature of New York always gives me pause to ponder the beautiful nuances and intricacies of life and more importantly the intense beauty of the author.


  3. It is us, your readers who are blessed Stephanie. To be offered such an intimate insight into another human being is a true gift. We learn not only about you, but also ourselves through the magic of your words as we travel this journey together. Thank you.


    • Fiona. It’s a delicate balance to offer insight through the personal: between learning/teaching about ones own humanity, and the other side being indulgence. Some believe that writing about one’s self has no merit, but I have learned the most from people learning about themselves, from their willingness to explore and explain. From the sentiment and observation in your comment, I feel that my intentions are reaching where I aim. Thank you so much. xoxo


  4. You’re welcome, sugah. I’ve been thinking, vis a vis, Thanksgiving, etc. Why do we pile into one day, something we should be doing every day? Like gratitude, giving, eating. What are we supposed to be doing the other 364? But you know me, I got more baditude than gratitude. Tee-hee. All love. j


    • The baditude is BAD (and fun). According to some, on the other 364 days, we’re supposed to be drinking. So at least they have it figured out. For me, it’s hard to be in gratitude this year, this season but it is the gift that keeps on giving.


  5. Stephanie, I thoroughly enjoy your blog, so keep up the great work! I know the holidays can be a difficult period. They certainly have for me. Your blog continues to inspire and ponder the world beyond our walls. Thank you. Bruce


    • It does me good to know that you are out there, Bruce. Without my readers, there would be no purpose. It gives me great pleasure to reach deep in myself and far into the web to hopefully touch others, tender hearts like you.


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