Official Announcement

light & shadow self w:tree

As I sit perched upstairs at The Ledge on a snowy day,  contemplating the close of another year, I know in my bones it’s time to announce a change in my blog.   Photos and short lines of poetic prose have served Wild Nature well, but as a writer of a certain age who has so many stories inside, I want to write more.  That means upcoming short pieces with only a photo or two.  The challenge in this change is finding the balance of brevity and juicy depth that keep me as a writer and my readers engaged, yet not overwhelmed.  So now I’ve said it out loud with the intention to begin soon…with a Christmas party story where I met Ruby Flame, a drag queen in the early 80’s: Springfield, Missouri.                                    Thanks to all of you for the inspiration to keep it new.

9 thoughts on “Official Announcement

  1. I am sure the new expression of your amazing creativity will bring me many new thoughts to ponder. Every artist changes up their medium and how they choose to express it, part of the beauty of the creative process which, like all life processes, is always in a state of flux and evolution. I always love what you do! I am eager to see what 2014 brings and move forward knowing great things are on the way!


  2. I’m happy to be a reader and also to have seen the manifestation of your declaration “I am a writer”. That declaration made when you visited Martha’s class and she had you introduce yourself to the class. I am so grateful to be a witness to the manifestation! Of course I’m excited to know your story about meeting Ruby Flame for the first time, since of course, I remember the first time I met Ruby at a party. Encouraging you on and extremely happy with your progress, Love Sally


  3. I realize now how spoiled I was when we were in the writing group together and I got to hear your stories on a regular basis. So very much looking forward to this turn on your blog!


    • Thanks, Anna, am just working on one now. Writers like more story from me, and many people (non-writer in particula) enjoy short and quick pieces, posts of feelings and supporting visuals that I have been in the habit of producing. But it’s time to make a bigger committment to all the stories inside that want to be told!


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