To Phillip


Phillip Seymour Hoffman: 46

Today is a sad one, a terrible tragedy for a family, a loss for the world of film and theater.  Phillip Seymour Hoffman is no longer in the land of the living.

The news of his untimely death made me ask  what it is that put him at the top of my list of favorite actors.  True, he had a wonderfully rich voice and could transform himself to almost any character with his extreme talent.  But the thing that touched my core was his willingness to be vulnerable, to be ugly, to play the pathetic, vile and cruel, yet with a huge and dignified humanity, to be seen as weak, to be the most tender.  It took great courage to expose that range and depth of feeling, to stand on the edge of an emotional cliff that most people avoid.

On his street late this afternoon, blocked off by police barricades, fans swarmed in tomb like silence.  I brought a bouquet of flesh-colored  tulips to leave at the front of his building, but forlornly carried them home and put them in a vase.  I often saw him in the neighborhood.  Once a big force, he’s left a gaping, palpable hole.  Oh, Phillip, here’s to your big-hearted talent.  May you rest in peace, may your family find comfort.

4 thoughts on “To Phillip

  1. Thank you so much Stephanie. I was trying to put into words everything I loved about this gifted Man and you did it for me. I was so stunned when I heard the news and all I could say was NO NO NO WHY PHILLIP WHY? . I have been thinking about his family and when I heard the news I thought about you because I remembered we spoke about his incredible talent. He was such a force and everyone he played is unforgettable. We will all miss him forever. My heart aches for his family and for any pain he was suffering that caused him to not want to feel.
    He was a truly remarkable actor.


  2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman represents the sadness that the human race can endure and portray. He was an amazing character actor who had the ability to show the less glamorous with heart and soul in a way that touched the audience. It is a loss to the theatrical and film world, just like Heath Ledger. The torment that touches all of us is even more difficult when your torment is blasted on the front page of various media outlets. May he know peace and have a fabulous stage with a grateful audience in the world he’s in now.


  3. I was incredibly sad when I saw the news of Phillip’s untimely passing. I think back to the poignant and incredible range in the roles he portrayed that brought me such joy to watch him deliver a performance with deep felt meaning, especially Capote, Scent of a Woman, The Big Lebowski , Charlie Wilson’s War, The Hunger Games. His spirit will always be with us, although greatly missed.


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