Greece Blues


There’s no freedom like the abandonment of the familiar,


As an attunement to each breath in ourselves and the planet.


Nuances found in foreign waters, and on new lands,


Sweep us from our daily allêe,


Invite us through barriers in perception,


Stretching ways of seeing what we look at every day:


The miraculous layers of life,


From forever ’til tomorrow, and the tomorrows from tomorrow on.


After struggling like a butterfly in a blizzard for the past few months, humanity has fluttered back in my heart. Thank you, Greece.  Thanks to Ruthanne Shobe, for glorious blue space to hear the imagination’s song.

8 thoughts on “Greece Blues

  1. Wow, it’s so great to have you back, Stephanie. And I love this new post, the
    words and pictures are stunning and I can feel your rebirth.


  2. How beautiful Stephanie—your photos and your words. Thank you for sending this. so happy to see it. What a wonderful time you had!!!!


  3. ahhhhh, i feel like i just had a little visit there myself, just before the patter of feet and “Mommy! Mommy!” called out to my heart. What beauty therein lies. Of form and figure, land and sea, made made architecture expertly chiseled into the earth architecture…And Stephanie there to make it all the more real and beautiful. xo


  4. I am so excited to see this amazing blog, the beautiful photos and be reminded of all the beauty out there in this blue planet. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing life!


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