#5: Songs of Life


While one bud shrivels into inevitable atrophy, two, in active silence, slurp in the juices required to fill the flounce of flowers.  Such is the symphony of life.  Hear the blood coursing through your veins as it mixes with songs from the plant kingdom.  There is quiet gusto in that music, the sounds of living and loss.

4 thoughts on “#5: Songs of Life

  1. I am enjoying you imagery in the last poem. I am glad to know my connection to the plant kingdom as expressed in your poem. And the book Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm is a wonderful long book all about the connections and how to be more deeply attuned to them.


    • Thak you so much for reading! I will check out the book you mentioned, just got back fro a conference on the plant kingdom, nothing I didn’t know, and wrote that piece before I went, but it gave me more ideas.


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