#7 Licking at Life



More flesh than flora, the dancing whimsey of #6 morphs into a firm tongue in painting #7, reminding me of a carnal episode years ago.  I was at the St. Louis Botanical Garden when an alarming creaking began to echo through the tropical house of the Buckminister Fuller geodesic dome.  The noise was from a majestic date palm towering above me: its woody husk that held the fruit was prying open.  As a piece of the covering tore away and the fallout landed at my feet, I backed up and others began running in a mild panic.  I watched as the pod’s cord of connected dates sprung from its confines.   More husk broke loose, a spurt of white foam sprayed through the air and floated slowly to the ground.  As if after an explosion, the newborn date stem waved in the silent aftermath.


5 thoughts on “#7 Licking at Life

  1. The process of the emergence as in all births is a mighty process and a force to be reckoned with. I love this post!


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