#10 Stepping Into Life


I was in Bali and now Bali’s in me, the place where every home’s compound has a temple.  Their doorways are an invitation to the sacred, as well as protection from negative forces.  Flowers, whole blossoms and petals alike are a big part of the offerings  along with rice and a curly grass held in banana leaf bowls that are placed twice a day in front of entrances of stores and homes.  I want to go back to learn the symbolism and the beliefs that govern every waking moment of their days.  Yet here I am at home again,  writing for #10 of Marissa Bridge’s orchid series, reminding me that this practice is a ritual too, a commitment to embracing the cycles of life.

5 thoughts on “#10 Stepping Into Life

  1. I’m enjoying your writing Stephanie. Thank you for the generosity of your thoughts and ideas. It
    reminds me to try to stay connected to my own spirituality and positive intuitive feelings.


  2. The journeys in life that lead us to a higher level of being that embraces truths that others know and we can learn from is what life is all about. What a beautiful thought and incredible painting to ponder the immersion of life vs just living it on the periphery.


  3. Embracing the cycles of life…thank you, Stephanie, for the sweet reminders. I am so glad and inspired by your commitment.


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