Bali Reds, Bali Dreams

In the land of greens and blues, where every inch is damp with life,

Bali Jute.jpg



It’s the reds that weep and sing.



The reddest reds I’ve ever seen, as alive as blood or water.




Reds living amongst deities and denizens, scooters and trucks, temples and topknots,




And serious whimsy, offerings twice a day.





IMG_0629.JPGThe dream of Bali changed how I see.

(First phto only by Dave Van Rooy/Pong Yoopin, the rest by me.)

14 thoughts on “Bali Reds, Bali Dreams

  1. Stephanie,
    Leaving for 407A on June 24th for two weeks, My Wife Beth and I were reminiscing about Sol and Henry, the most generous loving people. Our best family memories are a direct result of your Dad . When we traveled together Sol made a lasting impression on very one we met.
    No one enjoy life and people like Sol. He was one of a kind.
    Bob and Beth Beermann


  2. Bali looks like the type of place that if I went, it would be very difficult to leave that kind of beauty and respect for life behind. What a gorgeous slice of paradise where you have enlightened me and brought me extreme joy seeing this superb place through your impeccable heart and soul.


    • It is stunning, Dixie. But between the heat, humidity, mosquitos carrying Dengue fever, the laswless speed, there is a nightmarish quality too. As uch as I loved it, I don’t see it as ideal for living, but one should be exposed to the culture, the beauty, the greens and reds.


      • It is a diverse place indeed. I keep looking at your glorious photos and see so much beauty. I have always loved art from Bali, beautiful textiles, intricate carved beads, carved furniture–the people seem like they would be very nice and with a beautiful spirit. It is located in that really hot and high humidity region which would take some getting used to but makes the plant life so lush. I love your view of Bali.


  3. So luscious. I love touches of Red. Thank you for sharing your perspective of the Bali landscapes, so attuned to beauty & grace. Such a pleasure to behold this morning.


  4. Thank you for this post! Also your candid response to Dixie. I’ve thought about living there, but have never been I saw Jeff recently and we had a great conversation……your name came up!


  5. So sweet, Sally, that you read this and commented. There is a nice ex-pat community there, prices are still great, opportunities for all kinds of lovely living situations. June, July and August are the best months to be there temperature wise. Just as we were leaving on the 19th, it began to be a bit cooler. The Dengue fever thing is very real and we kept on top of that every minute. I loved it there and want to go back and since I have friends and access to their driver for a very reasonable daily fee, I intend to go, maybe next summer Love to you, Sally.


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