#14 Soldiering On


Marissa and I were on the phone a day after I published last week’s #13 Gender Fluidity, and she asked how I came up with that particular subject.

“The dying bud looks like a scrotum, and I started thinking about the sex life of plants,” I said. Since it was published a few hours before the tragic massacre in Orlando, its timing was purely accidental.

I am never sure how the composition and tone of one of her paintings will turn into a little piece of writing.  It always starts with innocence, or experience, maybe a memory, or a little story that relates, and finally, trust in the process.  But this week, there is no such luxury for gentle musings.

Our culture is no longer sane.  The tragedy in Orlando represents a combination of many components, including the hell of hatred, and our gun politics.  At some point, the powers that be (NRA, are you listening?) and the collective population, must arrive at a crisis of consciousness.  One must wonder how much more information we need.  Our laws support the creation of monsters who might otherwise just be angry or troubled souls living out their natural lives in obscurity, without the ability for war against innocent people.


2 thoughts on “#14 Soldiering On

  1. In a world where we often have to question sanity and civility especially when such horrific, senseless acts go down it is so helpful to have the beacons of reason out there. We do have millions of people who look at life, the beauty of it and love the fabulous paintings by Marissa coupled with your beautiful writing and find that beauty to soothe and enrich our souls. In a world that revolves around corruption, violence and greed it is a shelter in the storm to be among the beautiful artists in this world who bring far more to the plate of life. I am thankful for that and often contemplate what would this world be like if artists were the ones in charge.


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