#23: Quiet Comfort


Last year I was forced to rely on the kindness of strangers, loved ones, agencies of care.  Today, long out of recovery from broken bones, I have heard  that while suspended in ten weeks of non weight bearing life, I didn’t complain once.  It’s true. Thanks to everyone, I had what I needed, and feeling sorry for myself would have only served to make a bad situation worse.

Plus, next to the bed, all my potted orchids were in bloom, an elegant line of different sizes, colors, and scents.  Arriving both seasonally and spiritually in the dead of winter, their presence was like a band of goodwill ambassadors.  Without fuss or worry, every day their confidence wordlessly spoke,  ‘This is life and it really does go on.’

4 thoughts on “#23: Quiet Comfort

  1. Life’s champions are the ones who give us such astonishing beauty that it transforms our reality. Thank You Stephanie and Marissa for giving me the amazing beauty of this post.


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