#25: Art and Orchids


Blossoms are about pollination, and sometimes that’s a tricky business.  Through color and design, orchids can imitate insects or bees.  Fooled into thinking they’re mating with their own ilk instead of a flower, unsuspecting feet and bodies pick up the dusty pollen.  In the process of seeking satiation with other recipients of their attraction, after the death of an individual flower, and without much thought, the critters manage to insure new life.

Because dystopia is part of our present reality, I seek reminders of the miraculous nature of life, and find them in, among other things, art and orchids.


One thought on “#25: Art and Orchids

  1. In this age of naysayers, political hideousness, many daily attempts to inject negative energy into our lives, I take solace that I can always look forward to seeing the beauty of Mother Nature and the joy of profound and inspiring writing from you dear Stephanie accompanied by the joyful love of the bloom captured with such deep appreciation for beauty that is in Marissa’s heart. That is what I seek, true nourishment for the soul!


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