#26: The Other Side


I came back from Venice yesterday, and while trying to catch up, I am high from a renewed way of looking at what is before me.  Since there is little time for writing this post, I’d like to suggest that my dear readers take a moment to compare this painting and the one before, #25: Art and Orchids.  Notice they were made in the same period of time from opposite directions and te backsides are as just lovely as the face-on flowers.  Talk about clever: without going thousands of miles, both Marissa and the grand designer of the world remind us to open our eyes.  The beauty is here, there, and everywhere.

One thought on “#26: The Other Side

  1. The beauty of viewing every angle of life is astounding. One never knows where the inspiration will emerge, but when it does the fabulousness of it all gives our lives that jolt of beauty.

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