#27: Losing Juice, Gaining Glory


Although it took me a lot of livin’ to embrace the concept of beauty at every stage, artists have depicted it since the beginning of time.  In this series, Marissa Bridge takes on the subject through the life cycle of petals, stamens, pistils, and we are privy to their rise and fall, sans vanity.  The orchid begins to age and loveliness abounds.

With many artists and photographers in my orbit, years ago I fancied myself a model.  It was an instant identity and an edifying chapter.  I was asked by a painter to sit for him, and my world was shaken the first and only time I was in his studio.  He said, “I’d rather paint you in your fifties, with more lines in your face.”

If life is like being swallowed by quicksand, I lived as if youth were the offered rescue twig.  But this artist was looking for experience, not even lines: etched emotions  that inform bone and muscular structure as the years accumulate.  With no real history or choices, I sat there without nobility or tragedy, countenance or shame, nothing of my humanity to reveal.


2 thoughts on “#27: Losing Juice, Gaining Glory

  1. Life in my older era has much more clarity in my 60’s than as a younger woman. The aging process has enhanced what is good about me where I like the older version of myself physically with the imperfections of the body, but a soul that has absorbed much of life’s lessons with positive energy.

    Your beauty, dear Stephanie, at all ages of life has been stunning–physically and mentally where all who were fortunate to be in your presence knew that this was a woman with so much grace and intellect that a blessing had just occurred to enhance our being.

    I do not know Marissa, but seeing her glorious art makes me think she is a kindred spirit on this journey of life where her vision touches me deeply.

    Thank You Ladies for what you do!


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