#28: The Gloaming


The gloaming comes, the day is spent,

The sun goes out of sight.

And painted is the Occident

With purple sanguine bright.

Alexander Hume

We’re in the gloaming of this series, ‘tween light and night, when physical prime meets spiritual wisdom, and fire fades into moon.  It’s the joy of aliveness and the grief in loss.  It’s twilight.

So, let us gather our orchids while we may, paint every chapter as if it’s first stroke in an inspired exploration.  ‘Tis another season and all are full of beauty.

4 thoughts on “#28: The Gloaming

  1. The gloaming is something we all do and it is a brilliant experience, just like this amazing series that I love so much. Let us all enter into the gloaming with great joy!


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