#31: The Fall


When Marissa Bridge and I came up with the weekly concept of combining her thirty-six paintings of one orchid’s bloomstalk, with my thoughts on life as I experience it, our first post, by chance, was March 21st, the Spring Equinox.  As we near the end, the  blossom’s color fades, and outside trees burn bright.

The same as many posts, today I was unsure of what I wanted to say.  In trying to come up with something, I realized that thirty-six weeks is a nine month endeavor.  The comfort in nearing the close of this commitment is the fact that both Marissa and I, together again, or alone, have new projects coming down the canal.

4 thoughts on “#31: The Fall

  1. I cannot thank both you dear Stephanie and Marissa for this amazing series of glorious posts and spectacular paintings that have enriched my life incredibly. The beauty of artists working together to bring a message of life on a higher level is something that humbles me. In this truly awful political climate we have landed in, what an oasis it is to read these beautiful posts over the past months, it makes me wish artists ruled the world vs politicians.


  2. I’m in agreement with Dixie. What a wonderful world it would be IF artists ruled the world! I have enjoyed this nine month endeavor, Stephanie……….. Thank you and Marissa for this orchid journey.


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