#32: The Fluttering Heart


After months of being close to home with mending bones, in early June last year, Marissa drove me out to Sag Harbor to see the exhibit of all thirty-six paintings in her Silent Journey.  On crutches and still trembling from the effort of reinhabiting my legs, I was repeatedly drawn toward the end of the series to look at this piece once more.

Marissa explained that it’s effect was from painting on handmade Wallis paper which has a fine sand surface.   As if looking at a butterfly’s final flutter, movement is what I see.  Even though the blossom is going down, and at the time, I was rising up, it was the grief and joy in this painting that exquisitely called my name.

Signed, Proud Owner of #32.

5 thoughts on “#32: The Fluttering Heart

  1. The end of life for a bloom signals a pause in the heart that loves the beauty so much. Knowing that the rebloom is an occurrence to embrace with great joy in the future always gets me through with vibrant anticipation.

    Healing is much the same, I always tried to give my patients recovering from injury or illness the perspective of blooming again: strong, resilient and onward with life.


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