#33: Muliebrity Comes to Town


Muliebrity is what I see in this fading flower.  Soft colors, veins in petals, flesh and tentacles, its form is totally feminine.  Just in case, muliebrity refers to womanly powers, the female version of virility.  Interesting that most people are quite familiar with the masculine description, but the woman’s term is little known.  Therefore America, get ready, because muliebrity and virility are Stronger Together.


5 thoughts on “#33: Muliebrity Comes to Town

  1. How fabulous…………Muliebrity! I am 100% certain the feminine powers are much more powerful as a woman ages with the many experiences on the journey of life as her guide to true passion and self awareness. If only I knew as a young woman what I know now, but maybe that is the next life. What a fabulous thought to ponder! Thanks for such amazing thought Stephanie and Marissa!


  2. Hi Steph!
    This has been a wonderful series. the word Muliebrity sent me to the Dictionary and I love that!
    As you know, I’m in an area of the country where unreasonable rednecks abound so I was tickled to see this particular blog and have shared it (along with some of the others in the series) with many of my like minded friends.
    Keep up the great work.


    • Sally, I got that word from the Oxford English Dictionary word of the.day. it’s free and comes every evening. OED word of the day. Sign up for it. Thanks so much for reading and sharing these posts. Only three more to go. I have another idea for after that, completely different.


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