In Search of Sonic Booms

First paragraph from Chapter 1 of What They Did Instead

Truck logo, midtown Manhattan

 Juliette Hart climbed the carpeted steps to the attic room where her daughters were asleep. Never mind the time, she was wide awake, needed to get out, and she couldn’t very well leave her girls alone in the house. The best remedy for what she was feeling was a country drive with a dramatic destination. They had no choice but to join her.    

8 thoughts on “In Search of Sonic Booms

  1. I’m hooked. When Juliette walks up the carpeted steps to the attic bedroom to check on her kids, I had a sense of maternal connection, remembering all the checking of my own and other people’s children in the dark of night. I thought I would be identifying with Juliette. But wait! She’s going upstairs to wake those girls and take them out for a ride to a “dramatic destination.” Maybe she isn’t such a great mother after all! By the end of the paragraph I’m no longer identifying with her, but am fascinated by what she will do next.


  2. Thank you for this, Darcy, that’s pretty much what I wanted that first paragraph in the book to do. Between you and me and whoever reads this comment, she’s an unhappy wife, and this period of time is still in denial, but the direction is undeniable too. She has to let off steam.


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