Easter Juju with George

Some of you may know George from a previous post.  This Easter adventure is a tame bunny compared to what happened with us in The Urchins.

By text this morning, how it all began:

Me:  Do you have any desire to color Easter eggs?  I like to pick leaves, wrap against the egg, cover with stocking and then dye.  The leaf imprint doesn’t take the color because of the oils and makes lovely eggs.  It means we have to go around and find leaves which could be fun. LMK.

George:  Sure!  Let’s do it.

Me:  What about Central Park as part of our leaf finding mission?

George:  You read my mind.

Me:  I’d better get a move on!  We have some exploring to accomplish and we both know what that means.

George:  Oh yes, I know what that means: conjuring up juju.

Me:   Uh oh.

George:  Look out world.

Me:  Exactly.

George:  We will reach into the unknown.  Wear your shields.

Me:  Knee pads?

George:  Of course, helmets too.

Me:  Already got them on.


George had his camera ready and took me by surprise as I approached our meeting place on 6th Avenue.  As he titled this photo, Wild in NY and Ready for Action.

All that bravado by text for a relatively civilized endeavor:


The eggs getting hard boiled


Harvested plant materials


Wrapped in place, secured in stocking fabric


Soaking in dyes




And on display.

Even though the process of dying the eggs was a lovely one, the highlight of the day was in Central Park.  We noticed people gathered around a big yew, staring at something on an inner branch which turned out to be a Boreal Owl sleeping on a branch.   Photo courtesy of George Goen