A Scarecrow named Emily

George Goen and I always spend a weekend in the Spring at his house so I can witness the beauty of his perennial flower garden.  Ten years ago, he began carving it out of the hilly and rocky woods.


Today, it’s a feast for the senses.  In support of his backbreaking endeavor, I helped plant hundreds of bulbs in Novemeber, some of which are pictured here.


But all is not a perfect paradise on this nine acres of property.   Underneath the lush facade of beauty lurks critters that insist on wreaking havoc on his vegetable garden.  When George invited me for the weekend, he said he needed some of our juju to make a scarecrow.  That’s right down my alley, I told him, although, Emily, as we named her after we bought her thrift store outfit, was my first.


We started by stuffing a bulb bag with straw and rocks for her model features.  She wanted to wear the Happy Birthday glasses, as it was, after all, her first day on the job and the planet.


Seen here, her lovely figure and stance, with ribbons hanging from her arms to create more terror on the hearts and minds of the devious creatures.  The garden is as secure as the Vatican and even withs a fine selection of nourishment to be had all over they place, they prefer to invade and eat their fill of George’s organic food.  Until Emily hit the runway.


She is a total natural and completely successful at her new job; very happy too, as you can see.  Especially since we gave her the finest pair of red lips this side of Hollywood.

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