What I Did Instead

Smoking Mount Etna, a night in Sicily

Dear Readers nd Followers:

In November, 2019, when we all imagined life would go on as usual, I announced a book was brewing in my head and on my my computer. The original and guiding title was The Deeds of Desperate Women, imagined as a volume of short stories. But in the organic process of writing and the long and insular quality of the pandemic, I ended up taking a much deeper dive. To my delight, and I hope yours, the project turned into a novel. It is called What They Did Instead. 

It’s near completion and time to begin the practical phase of writing: getting readers interested while exploring publishing options. To that end, beginning April 20th, and every Thursday for twenty-six weeks, I will publish a paragraph or two from each chapter.

Until then, I’m back and thanking you for being here, Stephanie Urdang

19 thoughts on “What I Did Instead

  1. I am excited for you and have been thinking about you and wondering how you have been I see some of Melanie’s posts but no update on you. Now I know and I understand. I look forward to reading some of your chapter paragraphs.
    Much love, Pam 💜


  2. What a wonderful surprise to see you back in my inbox today! Congrats on the book and look forward to reading the excerpts! Xoxo


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