#6: The Dance


To add words to Marissa Bridge’s 36 images of one orchid going through a bloom cycle is a weekly mystery that unfolds only when I sit at the computer and stare at the current painting.  Yesterday I was away, had the tiny image on my phone, but no words came to  mind.  This practice simply cannot be done on the fly.

Home again, #6 looks like a dancer performing joy and trepidation.  And by staring simultaneously at the image and the blank page, I discovered the obvious: this process is similar to a blooming flower’s.  To produce takes time, certain conditions, patience, and commitment.  Nothing less will do.

#5: Songs of Life


While one bud shrivels into inevitable atrophy, two, in active silence, slurp in the juices required to fill the flounce of flowers.  Such is the symphony of life.  Hear the blood coursing through your veins as it mixes with songs from the plant kingdom.  There is quiet gusto in that music, the sounds of living and loss.

Internal Resources


Placing energy into everything at once is impossible. The essential is to choose how one’s internal resources are distributed.   As flickers of growth and passion grow stronger, there’s grace in letting go of that which does not serve the whole.