Dear Readers:

Wild nature of New York is still here, experiencing a resurrection on the first day of Spring.  Marissa Bridge and I have a book idea, and as an exercise toward a finished project, we are posting one of her paintings a week for thirty-six in total, all the images from her series, Silent Journey.  It’s a visual chronicle of orchid blossoms through every stage, a metaphor for the cyles of life in all living beings.

Stay tuned for the next installation.  Life does go on.





Winter Trees

At the risk of others finding out I am a not so secret tree hugger, that I photograph some of the same specimens every season, here are a few in my recent past.  Every single one of them made me feel happy to be alive.

The Diva Amongst the Shadows


Two Rows, One Pair



A Village Scrapper


Hot Blooded Exuberance in Cold Weather: West 10th Street


Fire in the Sky at Dawn