#11 A Turn to Shine


Buds on a bloomstalk are like being at home with siblings.  You’re either the one who steps out with all the love, beauty and attention, or the wallflower who sits in the background, waiting a turn to be noticed.  And you might even be the one to die prematurely on the vine.  Fairness does not apply, nor does permanency.

The solution is to enjoy beauty wherever it’s found, to bring it into you.  The best ways are to appreciate nature, to think beautiful thoughts, to be grateful for every stage of life, to recognize when it’s your turn to shine, or when it’s time to appreciate another’s moment in the limelight.  If you live from the ego, you will be impossibly challenged by these practices, but if you live from the spirit, beauty is always yours..

One thought on “#11 A Turn to Shine

  1. I love this so much, “recognize when it’s your turn to shine” is the best advice of all time. We all have our bright eras mixed in with the less than stellar ones, but then along comes that fabulous launch to the stratosphere after we learn what it is we are really about. The incredible painting makes my heart sing.


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