First paragraph from Chapter 2 of upcoming novel: What They Did Instead

It was a slow-moving summer morning of no plans. Juliette, on the third of her twelve daily cups of black coffee, was carefully

slicing a bowl of slippery peaches. Picked from their acreage that morning, the fruit was juicy, the size of softballs,

and would spoil them for all other peaches the rest of their lives. When the phone rang, Hedy plucked a couple of slices from the

bowl, handed one to Bridget and slid the other in her mouth. Juliette rinsed her hands at the sink and by the fourth ring, grabbed

the receiver. It was her mother, Ruby, calling with a medical report she knew was coming.

In Search of Sonic Booms

First paragraph from Chapter 1 of What They Did Instead

Truck logo, midtown Manhattan

 Juliette Hart climbed the carpeted steps to the attic room where her daughters were asleep. Never mind the time, she was wide awake, needed to get out, and she couldn’t very well leave her girls alone in the house. The best remedy for what she was feeling was a country drive with a dramatic destination. They had no choice but to join her.